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Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is an essential objective in home, work and leisure activities. FUTURES REHAB, Inc. is committed to emphasizing the importance of early interventions in all settings.

Addressing a symptom today prevents an injury tomorrow!

Job Analysis

A job analysis is the first step to providing a healthy and safe workplace for the employee. Specialists provide an onsite evaluation of a workplace/worksite to objectively measure and weigh the physical, environmental and cognitive aspects of a job. We work in conjunction with the employer to capture information about risk factors employees may be faced with and provide recommendations for employee safety.

The job analysis report helps the employer create or update job descriptions and physical demands summary which assists the employer to attract the right employee for the job. The job analysis provides data needed for ADA and FEHA compliant functional employment testing. This data is also relevant to the development of applicable injury prevention and safety training specific to each position.

Ergonomic Assessments and Interventions

In the USA, nearly 40% of our day is spent at work. So it is essential that employees are able to work pain-free, thus maximizing their effectiveness and helping to boost their energy levels for the other 60% of their day. Likewise, home activities employees engage in need to be performed considering appropriate ergonomic principles.

Our Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialists can provide onsite evaluations for work and home environments.

Ergonomic recommendations and interventions often do not require purchasing expensive equipment. Small changes to work or home environment can help prevent injury.

Employment Testing

FUTURES REHAB, Inc. is a Certified Preferred Provider for ADA and FEHA compliant ABILITYusa Functional Employment Testing. Testing services include Post Off / Pre-Hire, Internal Transfers, Return-to-Work, and Fit-For-Duty.

FUTURES REHAB, Inc. also provides a variety of other employment testing service protocols based on employer needs.

OSHA / Injury Log Analysis and Review

Injury log data is a beautiful guide to injury prevention. OSHA / Injury Logs analysis help identify areas of risk which would benefit from various injury prevention measures. What are the risks in a certain job or department? What are the direct and indirect costs? What injuries are reoccurring in a given position, department or shift?

Safety Training and Consultation

Each job has risks which help define the safe work practices training required. Our highly trained staff provides employees with training and techniques to help them successfully execute their job to prevent repetitive and materials handling injuries.

Safe Work Practices (SWP):

An employee needs to understand safe work practices. After training employees will be able to demonstrate and be able to replicate good body mechanics during the execution of all work tasks. Micro-breaks, Stretch-Movement-Release techniques, and various inexpensive ergonomic interventions are also incorporated into the training such that at the moment a discomfort or fatigue is experienced, the employee knows what to so to halt and reverse those symptoms.