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Are you living a robust and vibrant life?

Our goal: to help you live life with the least possible pain and the most satisfying vibrancy! This will help you minimize the many unpleasant risks associated with real life. These may include stress, pain and the symptoms of chronic disease. The many real-life conditions are potential forces to hold us down, which could diminish our active and robust and healthy life active we are all likely to face, can definitively be decreased with a team built and monitored Wellness and Fitness program.

Take the initiative to be the Captain of your team along with the FUTURES REHAB professionals. The first step in developing a fitness program is for FUTURES REHAB to assess your current status, in light of your wellness goals. This information will be used to develop measurable goals and “game plan” which will be monitored weekly, monthly, and quarterly.

While the program will begin in the clinic under the monitoring of physical therapy professionals, as the Captain of your program, your program can be continued at without the need for expensive exercise equipment. To assure you are staying on course with your goals, an Annual Physical Therapy Check-up is recommended to add “plays” to your “game plan”.

Examples of Goals:

  1. Fall Prevention - A Wellness and Fitness exercise program will increase your strength, flexibility and posture which in turn improve balance and helps prevent falls.
  2. Pain Relief
  3. Cardiopulmonary Conditioning
  4. Weight Management
  5. Setting and Meeting Progressively Enhanced Activity and Achievement Goals (i.e., Running your first 5K).

Schedule your Wellness and Fitness Assessment to have an individualized program designed for you to achieve your goals.