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Spirometry and Respirator Fit Testing

FUTUTES REHAB, Inc.® has certified clinicians and technicians who preform both Spirometry and Respirator Fit Testing for our employer clients. We provide both in-clinic and on-site services to meet the needs of our employers clients.

Many different industries and job classes require use of a respirator to help reduce employee exposure to dangerous particulates and fumes in the workplace. OSHA recommends yearly spirometry testing for employees utilizing a respirator.

Spirometry testing helps identify any obstruction or restriction in the small/large airways of the lungs that may impact the employee’s ability to safely use a respirator. Spirometry may also help identify any sudden changes in an employee’s respiratory health to help facilitate appropriate medical interventions for the employee.

Respirator Fit Testing helps ensure the employee is in the proper type, size, and receiving adequate protection from the respirator. The technicians and clinicians will also inspect the respirator for any missing valves or parts, tears in the silicone/rubber areas, general cleanliness, and overall wear and tear ensuring the respirator is in good working order for the employee.