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Post Injury

Post Injury services may include services provided by the physical therapy, occupational therapy and kinesiology teams at FUTURES REHAB:

  1. Musculoskeletal First Aid

    Two to three visits which would include modalities to alleviate pain and speed healing, such as Class IV Laser, and Work practices training to prevent further injury;

  2. Work Conditioning

    Work Conditioning may be a desired service provided under direct supervision, to enhance successful and safe return to work;

  3. Fit-for-Duty Employment Testing

    Fit for Duty Testing to confirm the individual has the safe ability to perform all physical demands of the essential duty tasks when returning to full duty, or to objectively defined safe physical demand levels, based on the outcomes of the testing.

  4. Return to Work/FCE’s

    Return to Work should be contemplated only after testing which assures the employee has the safe capabilities to perform the physical demands of the essential duties.