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Janet Schoenbrun

  • Janet Schoenbrun
  • PT, BA, MA
  • Licensed Physical Therapist
  • Lead Physical Therapist

Ms. Schoenbrun is a graduate of California State University, San Jose with BA degree and additionally holds a Physical Therapy Certificate from California State University, Fresno. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. She has greater than 40 years of experience as a Licensed Physical Therapy, having practiced in rehabilitation medicine, orthopedics, acute and chronic pain management, aquatics, ergonomics, injury prevention and industrial rehab services. She has held a Physical Therapy leadership position in the program development of the UCSF Medical Center’s Pain Management program and been a pain management leader with other notable institutions. She has worked with FUTURES REHAB for 12 years. She is an experienced and skilled therapist and wellness coach for persons experiencing pain and wishing to enjoy a better, healthier and fuller life without the discomforts of chronic conditions, such as Arthritis.

She uses the best array of manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and wellness oriented services to maximize comfort and pain relief, function and strength. For Early Intervention of a first symptom, she holds Certification in one of the most exciting new technologies for immediate treatment of first symptoms experienced at home, work or in athletic activities: Class IV Laser Therapy. Laser therapy can help prevent progression of symptoms to injury, when used in conjunction with training in safe ergonomic practices, stretch, motion and release activities. Laser therapy is also a first choice for treating acute and chronic pain, sprains and strains. She also holds certifications in Total Motion Release, and Kinesio Taping, all resources available, depending on the circumstances of a given patient’s needs. Her expertise in pain management therapy spans the full scope of acute through chronic pain and enhances her service delivery for Early Symptom Interventions, and Post Injury Musculoskeletal First Aid. She helps evaluate current function in relationship to the physical demands needed to safely perform activities related to school, home, work and leisure activities. She is certified to perform ABILITYusa Functional Employment testing services, performing the musculoskeletal screening and testing components for Injury Prevention and Post-offer/Pre-hire, Fitness for Duty and Post Injury/Return to Work testing.